Commercial Residency

Selling your commercial property? Why go through the hassles of finding buyers and dealing with them when there's an easy way out? Cash for Fixer is your one-stop solution to selling your properties instantly!

Whether it's for financial reasons or you've just decided to relocate, you'd have to wait months if not years to finalize a buyer. You'd put up listings, look for buyers, deal with them, and so much more. What Cash for Fixer does for you is - we'll do all these steps, but within days, if not hours!

Cash for Fixer is one of the largest commercial property dealers in Sacramento. With that said, we're going to instantly offer you cash offers so you can quickly go through the whole 'selling' process. Cherry on top? Our team of experienced individuals are going to be available for your assistance round the clock, so we can assist you in selling your property online.

Second thoughts due to tenants? If you've decided to go with us, you need not worry about tenants occupying your property. We're going to make sure the tenants move out quickly and keep you up to date on the process. Selling properties online can be a menace if you're kept in the dark; this is something we're against. Rather, we'll make sure our entire sell-out process is transparent to you, so you're always in on how your property is being sold.

We deal with commercial properties, including hotels, shops, restaurants, office buildings, cafes, retail stores, medical centers, hospitals, and all kinds of healthcare facilities. All you have to do? Get in touch with one of our professionals at Cash for Fixer. We'll present you with one of our best deals for your property, buy it, and give you cash in return. Months to find a buyer - days to get paid with Cash for Fixer!

We understand how troubling the whole Real-estate business can be. Luckily, we're here to take this task away from you and make it easier to sell property in Sacramento.

Call us today for a speedy process to sell your property online!