Cash For Fixer started up as a family run business in Sacramento, California with a single mission to ease the enigma of selling houses via a traditional process, that is long waiting and dealing the nuance of procedural complexities. We slashed out possible hurdles by making exclusive cash offers to homeowners.

Buy - revamp - resell are the three steps that truly defines us! Once the house is equipped with essential furnishing we serve it to a new family to live in and experience the lasting memories for years to come.


We went through it, so you don't have to!

That's true! We have personally experience the real struggle to transition houses. It takes tons of paperwork, agent fees and series of steps to cut the actual deal, thus we decided to implement a soothing way out for buyers and sellers by forming a bilateral eco-system online where you administer the deal under your fingertips.

We have gone through plentiful available options to see which would work best and have attempted to get along with real estate investors but it all proven to be unviable to rely upon. Thus, we founded Cash For Fixer to - fix all this!

We initiated our company with a philosophy to ease the process of buying and selling properties. We established an opportunity for everyone to get the valued price of their house with a reasonable timeline for transfer.

Top-quality at a fair price - is what everyone deserves! We never know why this has not been practised so far!

We, as a small business in California, begin to make a difference in the real estate realm with our premium approach to provide fair offers by introducing the direct-to-owner business model. We challenged the traditional real estate proceedings and we have already surpassed the incredible number of 800 clients so far. It is like a campaign to ease the process of selling houses just like typing your address.


Be sweat-free while buying or selling home with Cash For Fixer. We guarantee to provide 100% secure and satisfying support until the final key handling. OR we'll offer you a flat $5000 check. We truly understand how tiring could it be to go through the selling process without disturbing your routine chores, thus we have simplified it to its maximum by offering 24/7 live support.

Whenever you get connected us by any means, be sure that you are assisted with a real representative of our company. Whether, it is a live chat, online form or direct email - we loop back to you as quickly as possible.

We love to hear you out and we are excited to serve you the best we can.

- The Cash For Fixer Family

Watch How Simple it is!

Selling is simple. Watch how we can put cash in your pocket in as little as 7 days

our mission

Over the years, the real estate transaction procedure has become a nightmare! Especially with real estate agents charging an arm and a leg in commissions, just to sell your home. Our mission is to discount and simplify the home selling process to the satisfaction of your needs. It's as simple as typing your address into our website!

our vision

With over 30 years of combined real estate experience we have seen how the real estate process turned into a nightmare. Selling a home should be easy and simple. We offer a way where you can get paid as fast or as slow as your need.


Sell your house as fast or as slow as you want.

We buy houses in any condition or situation. No repairs or long escrows. Call Today!